Monday, February 8, 2016

Movie Trailer Monday!

It's Monday and as all Monday's happen most people need a little pick me up. Heck, I've noticed that unless it's Friday people always need a pick me up. What better way than to watch a bunch of trailers for movies that are coming out???
Kubo and the Two Strings is the first one I think we should watch. I didn't even know anything about this movie before watching but now I think it's up there on my August Movie watching!! This may be in part to the total facination I have with Stop Motion animation...

See! Doesn't it look amazing!!

Another book to movie series we will be getting the third installment of the Divergent Series. This is one that I keep meaning to read but haven't managed it yet... but it's totally on my to do list.

Now of course it's going to end up with them fighting against some new force... I'm just hoping it's not too predictable. (If you read the books please don't spoil it!) It does, however, look to be another fun ride... and I have to admit I love things with lots of fighting and action.

Here's another fun and cute comedy for the books... I got a Job! Oh my god there's so much that's relateable to those of us who completed some sort of schooling and never managed to get a job in our field.

Doesn't it just look like fun... heck I love Anna Kendrick so if nothing else she totally rocks.

Oky, let's finish it off with the Piece De Resistance! Deadpool.... I know, you've probably seen this a million times... but it's Deadpool Week!

A little Weeeeeee for you!

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Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.