Thursday, February 11, 2016

Organizing ALL THE THINGS!!!!

So it's that time of year... I need to find out what the heck I have in my office. No, my office isn't full of paper work, it's full of crafting and sewing stuff. Which takes a lot more time (or less, if you file better than me) than regular paperwork! (image: Lifehack)

Here's the deal... what do I do with the stuff after I've sorted it! This always gets me the most... here I am, emptying a box out and organizing it all just to put it all BACK into the box because I don't have the tools I need to organize it in a better manner!

Well, not this time!

Okay, I don't have a better way to organize EVERYTHING but as I'm going I'm trying to find new and creative ways to get better organized. So here's my first step!


I have so much art I've created, and some I bought, that I tend to forget about it or feel it's not relavent any more. That's fine! Put those in a safe space that you know you can put away... but then I have the art that I'm currently working on, have recently bought cause I fell in love with it, or things I'm just too lazy to hang. Well, get off your but and do it! So tonight I figured out a new solution for my Playing Card Art Journals.....

I appoligize for the poor picture quality. It was late and I took it with my phone (I really need to start using my better camera for things). But you get the idea. I hung a string on the wall and am using decorative clothes pins (these were from an awesome IGGLE swap and I'm glad I can use them now) to hang the cards up onto it. I really like the look. It's a bit empty at the moment but as the year progresses it'll get better, and I'll also not have them all over my desk and shelves.

Step 2: Put things in things you have.

I have an awesome brother that bought me a cool sewing basket. It's actually so cool on a seperate occasion I had bought the EXACT same one. Did I return it when I figured that out?? NO! Instead I am using one for Sewing needs and one for Crafting needs.

Again, sorry about the picture quality. Now you may be asking why I have a file folder in the middle. Well, I have had this folder for years. I used to keep all my bills and stuff in it to stay organized but I no longer use it for that. So I cleaned it out and now I'm putting my patterns in it. I have quite a few sewing patterns that I didn't really have room for them and in all honest they don't all fit nicely in their bags anymore. Each separator is for a new pattern. In time I know I'll need more... or a bigger filing cabinet to put them all in. But for now this works pretty good, and is a lot cleaner.

Step 3: Don't stress out. 

You see the clean work area and organized stuff... well, being I'm organizing what always happens is everything EXPLODES before it goes good. Don't worry... you'll get there. Heck one side of my office is looking beautiful! (Don't ask about the other side)

Now this is an ongoing battle of 2 and 3. I put things in things... clean a new thing... make a new mess... put it in things.... rinse... repeat. Does this mean that my office will be fully organized soon??

HECK NO! Are you mad?? I'm a crafter/artist/sewer and lover of geek things! That means I always have something on the go messing up my room! Do I care?? Not so much. I used to but since I've now got a designated space (with a door) it's not so bad.

This is pretty much how I feel when I actually manage to get it all done!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.