Wednesday, February 17, 2016

McCall's Newest Cosplay Patterns

I don't know if you have heard but McCall's is really getting into the Cosplay world. Seriously I'm surprised it took so long for them to really embrace the Cosplayer's (being they are a pretty big revenue stream for fabric and sewing goods), but Mc'Call's is doing awesome.  (image: Cosplay McCall's)

First... McCall's is the ONLY pattern company to make a dedicated Cosplaying site at and it's quite awesome. Then they got Yaya Han to work in conjunction with them to create Cosplay specific patterns! Well, now they've released a series of the coolest patterns yet!

These patterns called Flight, Trenched, and Coat X are simply amazing! There's something to be said about a company creating cool patterns that result in products that look like they could be in a movie! OMG they are beautiful!... if you aren't sure take a look for yourself.

I like that the cloak has a varient with a hood and that the wings show how to make the harness seperate from the Angel Wings (you know incase you need a harness for something else). Heck I think I may need to buy all of them!

I really think McCall's is actually listening... heck in the press release they stated:
“Cosplayers we spoke with also told us that they like to reuse patterns for different cosplays,” said Wiktor. “So we printed these patterns and their guidesheets on brighter, more durable paper.” The outer envelopes are also larger, glossier and of a heavier paper stock, designed with more room for additional information, sewing tips, line drawings and photo references. McCall's Cosplay
Yay! Pattern's that are durable and can be used more than once. This is something I ALWAYS find frustrating with patterns... how delicate they are and I am TOTALLY that person that uses them multiple times.

So Happy belated Valentines Cosplayer's... McCall's loves you!

Until next time.
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