Thursday, February 18, 2016

POP! Thursday

Welcome to our latest collection of POP! Thursday (did you just read that in Radio Announcer Voice because I totally did!). This week there are yet again a whole bunch of stuff that I can't afford and want to buy ALL OF!!! So hold on to your change purses and let's take a look! (okay I guess I can stop now).

Over the past 2 weeks Funko has made a bunch of awesome announcements of new lines and products that they will be making now... but before we get to those you have too see...
Source: Funko
An adorably squishy Mopeez Mad Hatter! I love that there is a new line of Alice Through The Looking Glass Funko products... these include the Mopeez, some Mystery Mini's and Pocket Key Chains. I think I may need to start collecting Mopeez... I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind me filling out bed with them.... right??

So the first announcement on the 12th was that Playmobil now has an awesome partnership with Funko and they...
are collaborating to pair the classic articulated, 6-inch ABS figures with exciting pop culture and entertainment licenses for a collector-focused line. As PLAYMOBIL’s first official licensee, Funko will have the opportunity to bring new and beloved characters to PLAYMOBIL’s nostalgic frame. (Funko)
Come summer we are expected to see Dr. Who, Willy Wonka, Sherlock and More... here's a Dr. Who to tide you over! (there are more on their Site)


Next they announced on the 12th as well a new Style of Funko (I believe this was based on their acquisition of Vinyl Sugar) and that is the Rock Candy. Honestly I really love them... they are softer than their Vinyl Sugar predecessor's yet just and fun and stylized. I think I may need to add more shelves in my house to store this potential collection.


So on the heals of those two HUGE revelations they have yet another awesome announcement... they have also teamed up with Mattel to bring Barbie to the Funko Family. So far they have released versions in Rock Candy style and in Mystery Mini's.

With all these new partnerships they haven't released any official dates for product availability yet but I have to say they are absolutely adorable and my pocket book is hurting knowing how much I want to buy a bunch of these (mainly the Rock Candy girls).

So obviously there are a bunch of other product releases in the past two weeks but seriously these announcements made me very happy!

Which character's are you most looking forward too??

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.