Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Family Day! (aka 5 things to do when everything's closed)

So it's that time of year again! Family Day... the day when there is a holiday for the sake of a holiday, and as a Canadian I have to say I love it! I love that the malls are closed, that most places ARE NOT OPEN! Too often are things open on holidays and I feel bad for the people scheduled to work. So here's somethings I put together to do with the Family on Family Day!

I hear a lot of complaining (especially when I worked in a mall) about how there is nothing to do when everything's closed for Family Day. Now I know this isn't relevant to everyone but we all need to find things that we can do with our families, that's geeky and costs little to know money... so here's my list!

1) Read Together!

Source: The Comic Book Cast

I don't know about you but my kids love to read. They love looking at book, listening to book... heck they love looking at anything, even comics. So why not dust off some of your old comics. One's that you have been meaning to introduce your kids too for ages... and read them with them? There's nothing better than sitting in your living room on a cold day bundled in a blanket going through stacks of old comics with your kids. Tell them about your favourite characters, the reason you love the books... teach them that there is more than and electronic version. Heck they may love the feel of a comic in their hand! It's something tangible and real and I strongly believe the images just feel different on paper than on digital media.

2) Do geeky art together!

Source: Pinterest
There are a few things you can do that are REALLY easy with any kids and my favourites are collage. You can collage ANYTHING. If you read the sites they usually say to use Modge Podge or something of that sort... but know this! You can use watered down white glue too! It's not quite as good as Modge Podge but it does dry clear as long as it's not too thick. What I do it usually print off pages of comics (if you search your favourite comic and add the word pages than you can find them) that way you don't need to cut up REAL comics (because I almost have a heart attack thinking about that!). If your kids are into anything you can find small to mid sized pictures on the internet. Yes it means you may use a lot of ink... but it`s worth it. If you have old magazines or flies or even catalogues pull those out too (as long as you don`t care if they cut them up). Glue things on mugs or old hard cover text books you want to throw out, or lids from jars (punch holes in the top you can hang them or add a dollar store magnet to the back to put them on the fridge), or even just cut out cardboard from something in a shape and let them go wild. Yes this is messy but it`s so much fun and a little soap and water go a long way!

3) Go outside!

Yes... go for a walk! Play in your backyard. Make snow forts. Go tobbaganing. Do whatever you want... heck there are usually free skates and local activities that are FREE for kids on Family day. Check your local city calendar for things to do. The most you may end up spending is on a donation or for a hot chocolate to spare!

4) Have a Dance Party!

Put music on loud in the house and dance. Kids love to dance! Let them choose some fun kids tunes. You choose some fun adult tune! Have fun and just be goofy. Have a dance off or a competition or try and make a family dance to your families favourite song. The best thing about a family dance is you can break it out in public at any wedding you go to... nothing like a little embarassment for their teen years. Move and dance and laugh and be silly!

5) Bake something!
Source: Pinterest

Cupcakes, pancakes, cookies.... kids love to bake! Make R2D2 cookies! Cut rectangled in the dough to make Tardis phone booths. Be imaginative. Put out a whole bunch of coloured icing so they can pick and choose and make Rainbow Unicorn Ironmen.... who knows! When you let your kids have fun with it they can sometimes come up with the coolest and strangest creations!

No matter what you do I say set aside a few hours (yes hours, not minutes) when you don't look at ANYTHING electronic (unless it's your computer for the dance party). Spend some time with your family FULLY engaged! There is no reason that you need your phone... no one else is working, why should you, heck it is called Family Day for a reason. Try and take a breather from the hussle and bussle of the outside world and explore the one that you live in everyday with the people you see everyday. Take a moment to see your parter for who they may be. Notice something you didn't notice before. See who big your kids have gotten in a year or more and what they are capable of. Be amazed about everything in your world and have fun with it! Yes you may have a full of expolsion of crafts and mess and baking supplies in your house... but it'll be worth it! Clean it tomorrow or when they go to bed... but for now just enjoy!

I would love to hear what you are doing... if you have any other suggestions please add them!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.