Friday, January 29, 2016

Playing Card Art Journal: Week 4

Week 4... we made it to one whole month!! Not so bad are we!!! Those of you who are doing this as well (or some other art journaling) smile and realize you've made it farther than a LOT of people. You started something and are actually sticking through with it.

That all being said, this week's card is pretty simple. I had some grand ideas that included pencil crayon, buttons and sketching... but that didn't happen. I pulled all the stuff out and started and they just didn't feel right. For moments like this I say go with your gut! This is why we don't limit our art based on theme or topics... it's so it can be free flowing and open ended! Do what you want and what you love... remember you are doing this for YOU! No one else.

So instead I found some origami paper I had... a cut out of a doll picture... and a scrapbooking kite I bought a while ago.

So what do you think??

I think she's adorable and I totally went with the idea of telling the Devil in you to fly a kite. There's something rather cathartic about it. Lately I've had some really down moments (January and Feburary can be really rough on me due to personal experiences) and been dealing with some depression and anxiety issues. You know there's an issue when you are trying not to snap at your kids even when they are pretty well behaved.

So I thought I needed to shun the devil in me. Acknowledge that there's an issue and no longer give it power... "You have no power over me!" (There's your labrynth quote for the day).

If you are anything like me... don't give it power. Instead acknowledge and let it go. Send it away. Do what you must but do something!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.