Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pop! Thursday

I changed the title from Funko Thursday because it doesn't have the ring to it as Pop! Thursday. Funko Friday sounded so much better but I'm keeping my Art Journal stuff on Fridays. So who's excited to delve into the amazingness of Pop! Funko products?? (image: Me... POP! Logo from the Funko Site)

So what's new in the Funko world?? As usual there are quite a few things that I am needing to buy when they are released (and I have spare cash.. hahahaha... right).

I have to admit I'm an old school Pac-Man (well, Ms. PacMan) Fan... I used to play it on our old Atari when I was a kid (okay so that's totally aging me). This it's awesome that they are coming out with a Ms Pacman, and Pacman POP! Line. They have a whole bunch of ghosts, including my favourite... the Blue Ghost! There was nothing sweeter than getting the white dot and eating all those ghosts! They are releasing in March, so keep your eyes peeled for them!

Another really cool one is the POP! Rocks line with the My Chemical Romance figures. They have Black Parade Gerard Way and Revenge Gerard Way. They are so cool... and an awesome idea to give to MCR fan for Valentines day! They are available in February but you can preorder them now!

There's a whole new line of Harry Potter Pop! figures coming out soon and I have to say the Dobby is absolutely adorable. I will admit that Dobby was never one of my favourites of the series but he's adorable with the sock in this one. There are a few others that are also cool including...
A Dementor!!!
Seriously this Dementor is wickedly awesome and freaky as hell! I think I need him... do you think it's keep the salesmen away if I had one on my front door or above my mailbox?? Hmmmm.... ideas!!!
Coming soon is also a series of Futurama POP! and Dorbz. I love this figure of Zoiberg... it makes me smile because it reminds me of his dancing... I wish that the whole body bobbled instead of just the head.

In the POP! line is a cute Nibbler as well. In the Dorbz they have the main characters Fry, Leela, Zoidberg and Bender. I think the Bender is my favourite of this series!

So that concludes another edition of POP! Thursday!! I hope you enjoyed the little sneek peek of what's coming soon! I'd love to hear which on is at the top of your list to buy... or top of your wish list! Mine from these ones is totally Blue Ghost and the Dementor (Cause he needs to be on my front door!!!... Seriously... I'm not kidding!).

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on