Friday, January 15, 2016

Playing Card Art Journal: Week 2

It's week 2 and I've managed to actually do another card! Look at me staying on task for a whopping 2 weeks... round of applause?? No?? Well fine! This week I decided to use some amazing stuff I found around my house (and things that I had at the bottom of an art bin). (image: ME)

So a while back I bought this awesome ribbon that says "Fight like a Girl" all over it. I have sent snippets of it to people in pen pal letters, pocket letters, and seriously just cause. This is a message I love... because Girl's a tough! Whether it's in our day to day lives, dealing with family and kids, dealing with work, or climbing whatever ladders you are trying to climb that may not be the ladder someone else believes you should climb. I say keep fighting.

As motivation I love this song by Classified featuring David Myles.

You can find your inspiration from anywhere but I have to say that Music is often a big part of mine. That and characters in books I read (I still say I want to be Anita Blake when I grow up). I don't have a HUGE musical playlist but I love pretty much anything with a beat and a positive message. (I try and remove myself anymore from anything that is negative or will bring me down)

Once I got all my supplies (I usually gather more than I need so that I can then adjust them as I go), I then lay them out to see how it all works together before using glue. This time I found an old birthday card a friend gave me with a Birthday Ninja on it and totally had to use it. I often keep all my old birthday cards so that I can use them in projects at some point. Just because you don't think it's useful now doesn't mean it's not useful later. (My pic's aren't so great this week... but you get the idea)

Once the lay out was done then out comes the glue. I usually glue down the pieces one at a time then trim the edges as I go. I've used this technique with other art projects and it usually gives you cleaner lines then cutting it ahead of time.

And here's the final product!

So if you are gonna be a Ninja then fight like a girl... because with that mask on anyone can be behind it.

If you are participating please message me in the comments or tag me on G+, Twitter or Facebook. I really want to see your work!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.