Thursday, January 14, 2016

Funko... um Thursday

Usually I have a wonderful title that's filled with Alliteration with Funko Friday's, but being I've started posting my weekly art challenge on Friday (mainly because sometimes it takes all week for me to find the time to do them), this week we are having a Funko Thursday instead. So hold on to your Sonic Screw Drivers and Batarangs... we have a bit of Funko Fun to catch up on. (image: Funko)

Okay, so it's been a little while since I've done a Funko Friday (um.. Thursday) but they are so many things that are announced I couldn't pass up another week. Let's jump right in...

Source: Funko

With Batman vs Superman coming out in March, Funko has released a whole slew of amazing Batman, Superman and even Wonder Woman (pictured above) stuff. So for the DC lover in your household, you now have a slew of Funko to choose from. They range from Pop! Heroes to Wacky Wobblers...

(seriously Aquaman looks awesome).... to Dorbz (as in the cute Batman at the top), Vinyls and Mystery Mini's. As usual I think someone should buy a collection of Mini's and have them "saving" their office. This is something that needs to be done... now... take pictures and link them to me!

Not only do we get a whole slew of Batman (that are all available NOW... seriously no waiting) we are also getting a series of Dr. Who characters that are available at Hot Topic and one exclusive at Game Stop.

Source: Funko
If you are anything like me and have failed to continue watching the series (I will... I swear... I'm just really really really far behind! I blame Torchwood... ) you may believe that in some universe Doctor number 9 and Rose Tyler should have been together forever. Well, now you have your chance. You can have Rose and the Ninth Doctor on your shelves. I love the little Rose (pictured above) and the Doctor isn't bad either (isn't that a cute little leather jacket).

Source: Funko
Not only are we getting Rose and the Ninth Doctor, we are also getting River Song, Jack Harkness (who is looking debonaire as always), Sarah Jane, and The Silence (creepy creepy). The exclusive from Game Stop is amazing though...

Source: Funko
Who doesn't want their own little K-9??? I know I do... so adorable.

And that's not all... we have more. Zootopia (set to come out in March) has their own line premepting the movie and they are ADORABLE!
Source: Funko
I LOVE the sloth Flash! He's amazing... if you haven't seen the preview I suggest you go watch it NOW.... Here!!!

We also have a release of Funko Pop featuring Independance Day and Supernatural...
Source: Funko
Not only are we getting the oh so cute Castiel "Steve" we are getting a Bobby! You should check him out, he's just awesome with his little beard and all. The Independance day one's will include an Alien, and the awesome David.

I would love to hear which one's you are awaiting. I think I may need... um all of them?? Well, at least the Zootopia (cause they are adorable and my daughters would totally steal them) and the Rose and Ninth Doctor (cause I actually watched ALL the Rose story line... cry).

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.