Friday, January 8, 2016

Playing Card Art Journal: Week 1

So I've decided I need to start an art challenge for myself. This will be something small and easy and allow me to free form my creativity so that I can get motivated to do the bigger more daunting pieces I've been wanting to start but been too scared really to get going. Fear is a wondrous thing. It somehow makes you completely incapable of starting for the fear that it won't turn out right. (image: ME... I'm learning to figure out my photoshop for more than editing pics... weeee)

I will tell you straight out... there are a TON of Art challenges out there. A lot of them want you to do something each day, or each week. I'm opting for each week, but I am also acknowledging that sometime my weeks get away from me... If you are like this then do the weekly challenges because it gives you a whole 7 days to complete the challenge. Now I'll admit I don't like being limited to topics posted by other people. So because of that my challenge is to do ART! I don't care what the art is... I don't care if it's an actual journal, if it's thought out to mean something or if it just makes you happy in the moment.

The Challenge:

I decided to best one to start with (and I think it's a cool idea) is the playing card art journals. (Now remember there are a ton of prompts out there if you want them but you don't NEED to use them... this is about what you want to create).

The Supplies:

1 standard pack of playing cards.... it doesn't matter if they are regular, or batman cards... get them at the dollar store!
Stuff to glue/paint/draw/sprinkle/write on them.


You can do art!!! Even if you have never done art before you can do art! Everyone can do art! Math is art, Science is art, Drawing is art, Writing is art.... your WHOLE WOLD is art! Just let is go and have fun with it!
Pic by ME :)

Here is a pic of some of the supplies I took out for inspiration. Honestly I love collage anything! So I usually have a ton of old wrapping paper, magazines and art stuff around anyway. Today I decided to use the black and white paper that I got on a present from a friend for my birthday.

After cutting out the paper and gluing it to the card (I decided to cover the whole card this time but it's not necessary), I went through my magazines to find little clippings of saying or words. I tend to spend a lot of time doing this once I get started so don't worry if nothing jumps out at you. The ones above are just a few of the ones I cut out. I usually try a few different lay outs and stuff till I find something that works for me.

The final product!

Well, I hope you have fun with this. I'd love to see if you decide to do some. The nice thing is that there are NO RULES!!! So like I said... don't stress about what other people do or what other people are using as inspiration. Art comes in all forms so find what works for you!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.