Thursday, January 7, 2016

Inspirational Thursday

Some weeks are hard. Some days are harder than others. Sometimes you can have a great week that may include a few bad days. Well today I thought we'd look at some inspirational stuff. Things that get me inspired to write, post, work out, do art,... anything like that. (image: DesignDisneyRaoul)

This week I've had a few really down moments but then again the first week back to any schedule always has a few speed bumps. I thought I was doing great but then we had some sad stuff hit the family so that doesn't help. In dealing with this I've been determined to keep a positive attitude (you can be sad... but you can't wallow is my rule). So I thought I'd give you some stuff that I find inspirational or positive to help you as well!

Kacy Catanzaro....

All I have to say is this lady is amazing. When I was younger I used to compete and train fairly seriously in Tae Kwon Do. This was something I lost as I got older. I had tried a few schools but none of them came close to the atmosphere, dedication and accuracy of the school I had initially went too. Since then I've been debating on trying something new... I haven't decided if something like Kick Boxing, or even Parkour, is something I want to start learning. You always feel like you might be too old, or too nervous to start something new again. I have to say that this video totally makes me want to be able to do this. This lady has a defined but not bulky body type. She's strong and powerful, and seriously motivated. I need to find a way to harness my inner Kacy! Bring out the confidence and power again and find the time and motivation to get in gear.


It's no secret that I have a love of Acapella music... anything by Mike Tompkins, and lately the Pentatonix, totally captivates me. There's so much talent in the creation (or recreation) of music without instruments. As someone who used to play a variety of instruments on an intermediate level, playing with a band is hard enough let alone being the band vocally and on cue for singing. In time I may be able to try my hand at this style of singing (but don't expect to ever hear it lol).


I love to dance... and I don't care to what. I have never taken any dance lessons but can hold my own on most dance floors (I say most because seriously some of these people are insanely impressive and I'm no where near to their standards). I tend to dance to alternative, goth, industrial... I've done a few ballroom and swing lessons... and even try my hand at hip hop and krump (because they are awesome). I'm hoping to keep finding tutorials online to learn because I can't seriously take lessons in everything, but I'd love to dance in a crew... even just once.

Source: Pinterest
Art, Photography, Dolls....

I love dolls... I have collected dolls for years. I have also learnt, taught and produced a fair amount of art. I have a degree in art and specialized in photography. The above Doll is one of my favourite that I've found in a while. She is definitely not meant to be played with, but instead displayed for the art piece she is. There are a large collection of doll artists, photographers, collage artists, and other forms of artists that I love. They all help inspire me to create... and they definitely make me happy when I take the time to look through them. I have a lot pinned on my Pinterest if you want to peruse some.

In all honesty this topic could go on for years... so maybe we'll try and make this a more regular thing. I would love to here what inspired you, or makes you happy... geeky or non geeky!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.