Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hot Toys: May The Force Be With You!

Omg it's been so long I feel since I've managed to get a cool toy post out! So I thought we'd focus on all the amazing stuff that has come out for Star Wars, because (of course) you haven't heard enough about that at all. Okay, maybe not all.... maybe we'll focus on one amazing toy that I want!

Now as usual there has been a lot of guffaw about the idiocy in some of the toy manufacturers such as leaving Rey out of the Monopoly Star Wars... heck out of a bunch of the set toys... and all I have to say is one big fat "SERIOUS"! You think after the Black Widow fiasco (if you didn't hear about it check out this article about her not riding her own motorcycle... instead it's Cap') and a bunch of other outrage being spun that they would deem it important to have the MAIN FREAKING CHARACTER as part of a toy set. Heck I am a woman of 34 years, with 2 girls, who also love geeky stuff... I would totally buy a Rey Doll. My friends with boys would not disagree... just because she's a girl doesn't mean she's less sought after than the boys. I think the fact that some toy stores are going NON gender specific should give the toy factories a clue that Girls and Boys and even some dogs (yes my dog has a Star Wars Jacket) love all types of Geekery and there is no need for this Male centric rubbish being produced.

Okay, now that my rant is over let's look at this amazing Rey Doll by Hot Toys!
Source: Hot Toys
I have to give kudos to Hot Toys, they area always doing it right. Not only did make her look amazing, they gave her attitude and spunk and even her weapons. I get so frustrated when amazing characters who aren't overtly sexual in the shows have toys that make no sense. Well, this one totally makes sense. If you check out Hot Toys you'll see a variety of poses (with and without weapons) that also includes her head gear! Now isn't that just freaking cool! I think I need to have her and dedicate a whole shelf just to this awesome toy... it may need a BB8 as a friend too though.

Wait.... I checked.... you can get a version with BB8.
Oh Hot Toys! How you are amazing!

Want to know what's especially amazing about Hot Toys?? (Okay, I know they aren't in the same class but here it goes).... Hot toys does not limit the search by gender. I have checked Hasbro and they have girl toys and boy toys.... it literally says "search by gender". I know I'm going off again.... so here's another awesome Hot Toy!

Captain Phasma! Seriously she is so well done! I think it's amazing that they have 2 female characters done so well... guns and all!!

Now I just need to save my coin for all the pretty toys.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.