Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A bit of Awesome!

After yesterday's sad news I figured we needed a bit of awesome today as a pick me up... whether it's awesome stuff, awesome people or awesome events, it doesn't matter. Awesome can come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. So here's to an Awesome Tuesday! (image: Glogster)

An Awesome Story

Lately I've been getting into watching Makeup Tutorials... because why not! Some part of me deep down really wants to be a drag queen or something. But anyway, I follow a variety of sites (mostly to see the Cosplay makeup) and You Tube channels to see what people come up with. When I ran across this story on Fashionably Geek!

Source: Fashionably Geek
This beautiful little boy is named Ethan and he's 8 years old. What's amazing about this story is it has nothing to do with Gender identity or sexual orientation (Heck, he's 8 years old... seriously he still has a lot of discovering to do), instead it's about a boy who is highly creative and has decided (at 8) to become a makeup artists when he gets older. He asked his mom for professional makeup lessons... and guess what! Instead of scoffing or fussing... she got him some. Above is a picture of Ethan after his lesson... half of his face was done by the Joey Killmeyer from MAC and that other half by Ethan himself! I say there is quite a future in this for this young gentleman. Read the whole story at Fashionably Geek.

Awesomely Funny

I have recently discovered some fun You Tube stuff. The top of the list so far is the Late Late Show with James Corden's filmography reviews. He has done these with Matt Damon, Arnold Schwarzenegger (do you know how hard that was to spell) and Tom Hanks! They are hilarious and if you have watched even half of their movies you'll be able to pick out each one (they are also written on the bottom of the screen for those you don't recognize).

Awesome Art

I have been a fan of Brian Kesinger's Tea Girls for quite a while now. He puts out some of the best Steampunk art around (don't get me wrong, there are a lot of amazing Steampunk artists but I LOVE his Otto and Victoria sets. Lately though the geek world has been getting a taste of his art and humour with a Calvin and Hobbs'esc Star Wars the Force Awakens arts. So far me favourite one is the below (Skip it if you haven't seen the movie being it's pretty spoilery).

Source: Brian Kesinger's Facebook
He has done such a wonderful job with these pieces I wish they were licensed and for sale. But being they are just fan art you can not buy them... so much pout! You can however check out his site for his other awesome works that are for sale!

So I hope a little awesome has entered your day! Feel free to share your awesomes in the comments!!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.