Monday, December 14, 2015

Trailers Monday!!!

It's Monday... the last Monday until all the little kiddies are off for 2 weeks on Christmas Vacation. What does that mean?? All us parents are pulling out our hair because we thought we were okay for getting everything ready and we all know now that we SO AREN'T. So to infuse a little calm in the hectic life I thought we'd have a Previews/Trailers Monday!! Put your feet up and geek out a little with me for 10 minutes!!

I thought we'd start with the BFG (the Big Friendly Giant). Now if you didn't know what it stood for and you are an old school video game player (wooflenstein or Doom) you'd think that it meant something COMPLETELY different!

Okay, this is totally a movie that will need screening before I let my kids watch it. I may have to find the book (because I guess it's a children's book) and see what it's like. It may end up being sweeter than scary.

X-Men Apocalypse is a movie that I'm still not sure I want to see. I love love love X-men and am slightly concerned as they keep going.
The trailer is epic and has so much possibility... But still.

This trailer has been out for a little while but seriously, I've never shared it. So for all you gamer geeks out there (I know a few of you! Heck I've lived with my fair share), here's Warcraft!
So much awesome!!!!! This is something that will and can be totally EPIC!!! Squeeeee lol

I guess there's a sequal to the Huntsman.... this time there's no Snow White however.
But we have two awesome women as the evil sisters... I guess nothing can get better than that. Oh and maybe a Hemsworth.

Speaking of Hemsworth... there's also a sequal to Independance Day!
Not too bad...

So until next time,
Keep on, Geekin' on