Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Geeky Christmas Ornaments: Etsy Creators

So I was out shopping for new outdoor lights this past weekend and found some fun Star Wars Christmas lights that I didn't buy because they were seriously over $25 for only 10 lights on a string... but that got me wanting to find some fun geeky christmas ideas. So I took to my friend Etsy and here's a collection of some of the stuff I found. (Image: Geektrum)

If you are a gamer who plays any kind of dice game (from RPG's to table top) you probably have a collection of old dice (or a giant dice bag). Well, worry no longer about carrying around the random, unused or cursed dice (we all know we have that one set that we swear is out to kill us). Instead you should repurpose them to become decorations on your tree. Now if you are like me and say "I can do that but do I want to spend the time" then have no fear. I found this awesome Etsy shop called HideyHoleInn that has you dice needs.

I have to admit I love this idea. What better way to decorate at christmas than with dice?? And the best part is they are affordable, and you are supporting a fellow geek instead of a giant box store.

Not only can you get dice to decorate your tree you can also get Word Bubbles!

Found on Etsy as well, Material Culture Co puts out these fun, hand made word bubbles for the sarcastic person in your family (or friend circle). Now you can give your friends or decorate your own tree with some of the words above or others in the series. I love these so much that I may have to pick some up. Heck they are only $8 each so why not!

Now, no Christmas tree would be complete without a few christmas balls.
The Perfect Cup
The Perfect Cup, on Etsy of course, creates a few series of Christmas Balls for any Geek in the Family. I personally think I need the Deadpool Christmas Ball with the word bubble that says Chimichanga or something. That would make my Tree Complete. You could have other Marvel characters as well including Captain America and a variety of symbols.

There are so many perfectly awesome Geeky Decorations made by crafters that I don't think I should buy any from stores anymore. There's something awesome about supporting a person instead of a store... so go support local or in the geeky community and see what you can find. If you find some awesome stuff don't forget to share it with me!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.