Friday, November 27, 2015

Trailers and More Trailers Weeee

So I feel like I've been innundated with a whole bunch of awesome trailers lately and I thought everyone should watch them... even if you have already seen them, like a thousand times already! Why?? Because they are awesome and I like getting hyped for movies.  (image: Arrowstorm Entertainment)

So let's start off with the unexpected. I was excited the Disney Insider email this week for nothing else but the new Zootopia movie. I know I know, this may not be the movie on the top of any geeks list but it just looks so good... and honestly the trailer made me snarf with the unexpected. If you haven't had a chance here's the trailer for your watching pleasure.

I think I've watched that trailer a dozen times in the last hour. I just so need this movie to be available to go watch now!!

So now that we saw the fun one let's see the one that will promise a lot of explosions and maybe a "few" epic fight scenes!

I don't know about you but this will be a must see. I'm really excited about what's to come AFTER this movie. I know Civil War in the comics was a pretty epic series but I feel we need this movie to jump start the next collection of Avengers, Marvel/Disney series movies. This will push everyone on a new path and allow for the bigger (which is Thanos I'm guessing in time) to fuze everyone back together.

And now for the one that's coming soon....

The quality isn't the greatest but this is the most recent TV Spot. This is Star Wars... it's Epic! It's serious and full of fight scenes. There's a scary guy and a bunch of kids who look totally in over their heads.... what else could a girl want. I will be watching this... it's just a matter of when!

So far these are my top trailers for the week... but I'm always looking for something less hyped to watch as well. If there's something you're excited for that isn't on this list I'd love for you to link the trailer or even the name!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.