Friday, November 13, 2015

Vinyl Sugar now part of the Funko Family

So it finally happened! Something I honestly thought had happened before, or at least believed they were related in some way. Funko is now the official home of Vinyl Sugar. (image: Funko Blog)

As you know I love the Funko Figurines. There's something adorably cute about them and they have a wide range of geekdoms that they touch on. Well now they have a whole new line of products that they will be producing as well.

Vinyl Sugar, known for their Vinyl Vixens, Dorbz, Super Deluxe and Vinyl Idols lines, will have a new home and addition of the Funko POP! creative teams to create more and more cool collectibles for just about any fandom.

Source: Vinyl Sugar
I think this is a good acquisition for Funko. They lines have similarities in design but differences in their art, so to add them into the family allows for a wide line of products on the shelf. I also think Vinyl Sugar made a good move with this because they've been seeming to produce not as regularly as they originally stated. There were a few deadlines that they were planning for releases of products that seemed to be extended or moved all together. With the Funko budget they will be more likely to produce the products to the quality they originally dreamed.

I'm not sure in the Vinyl Sugar team will all be staying on with the merger to Funko, but I really hope they get the chance too. Their designs have been great and I would love to see what they come up with together with the Funko teams ideas. More creative minds the better sometimes.

So make sure you are following Funko because soon all the Vinyl Sugar sites and such will be disabled. 

Congrats to both teams involved!

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