Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Love Of Dolls: From Monster High to OOAK

There are few things that I am as passionate as I am about geeky things but dolls just happen to be one of them. I will admit, I love dolls and not your typical Barbie, but all the ones that are a little on the different side. (image: Wikia)

Of course I have a collection of Bratz dolls (because when they came out they were so different than Barbie's that I couldn't help but love them), and I also have my fair share of Monster High and Ever After High dolls. What's funny with that is I have my Monster High dolls and my daughter has hers. Mine stay on stands on a shelf and look out at the world. Hers are in usually in a drawer with tangled hair. We both love them equally and sometimes she will put her dolls on my shelf to visit them (at the moment I have a Kitty Cheshire Ever After Doll visiting my doll shelf).

Aside from the collection of Barbie type dolls I have a few others that I have fallen in love with. Some I have one or two prized ones but I thought I'd show you some of my favourites around the Interverse.


Source: Pullip Style
If you haven't seen Pullip dolls then I'd like to introduce you to one of my absolute FAVOURITE types of dolls. These beauties are full ball joint dolls, most of them have eyes that move or blink with buttons on the back of the head. They are fully posable and you can find TONS of remade dolls online. You can rewig, and recloth, or just take them for the amazing craftmanship that they have. I am lucky enough to have one of these I found at a Fan Expo quite a few years ago. She is a victorian style doll and I absolutely adore her from intracite outfit to the little shoes. If you want to see them all my favourite site for them is Pullip Style. There are new ones out almost every month so there's lots of variety for any doll lover.


Source: Glimmer Row Doll Boutique
Waldorf dolls are dolls that are meant to be used with the early rearing practices of the Waldorf school of thought (there are Waldorf daycares and such). What I love about these hand made fabric dolls is their character. For beautiful fabric dolls these are made with such love that there is no question the intent of the maker. They come in a wide variety of styles and there are a bunch of patterns online to make them. I made one last year for my daughter (who never really played with it because she got a Monster High Doll... are we surprised) but I am hoping to make more that are inspired by these dolls. I admit, I don't stick to the strict ideals of all natural and usually organic matterials (mainly because I use what I have) so they may be a little more... different. When I get to them. I used the head making technique for my dead dwarf heads for the evil Snow white costume. Strange things for strange uses.

Hyper-Realistic Ball Joint Dolls
Source: Pinterest (the link didn't work properly to the original post)
There are a few series of extremely realistic Ball Joint Dolls. A few are Luts, and SD Girls. There are ones called Model Dolls and ones that are more child like. There are a LOT of them that look like Anime characters and the names and sites are sometime hard to find and navigate to get information about them. I'm not surprised that a LOT of these are from China, Japan and other Asianic areas. They are often strikingly beautiful and well crafted. They range from lots to WOOZER, (One was over 2000 pounds... so almost 3 to 4000 canadian dollars. OUCH) and are the top of my... if I won a crazy amount of money and could buy one thing... list.


Source: Majestic Thorns Etsy

Another series of Random dolls by Random creators that I lover are the OOAK dolls (known as One Of A Kind). These are usually fully handmade dolls, dolls that have been cast and altered in a person's home studio. All these dolls are individually and painstakenly created. None of them are ever exactly the same. Most are not for playing with, they are beautiful art pieces that deserve the respect and awe of the creator. They are almost NEVER cheap... but they shouldn't be.

So I hope you liked the dolls collection today. If there's a doll your in love with, a collector or just a first time doll lover, I'd love to hear about it! Also, you can find a bunch that I keep Pinning on my Pinterest page for Dolls I Love.

Until next time.
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