Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Win!

Okay, So I acknowledge with Halloween I totally neglected writing. However I have totally managed to win Halloween for another year... but this brought me to a few conclusions. (photo by me)

As much as I love writing for you guys I'm been realizing that it's a little too much with the holidays coming up and trying to get into a schedule with my little one. So I'm going to start off an say that I'm not stopping posting. I'm going to reduce my posts to 3 days a week for a bit (probably Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I'm hoping that once my schedule settles then I will increase it again to 5 days a week. My goal for the reduction is to reduce the amount of nothing posts in hopes for me getting 3 more concrete posts out a week. I keep revisiting my main goal for this blog and it was never to have lots of followers (although I'm always amazed at how many of you actually keep coming back) or be limited in my topics, the goal was to have a venue to discuss the things that I'm passionate about. But with my current schedule I feel like I'm grasping last minute at times and I don't want the quality to stop.

Now, that being said, I may post more than 3 days a week some weeks. I'm just warning you guys ahead of time that you will have a minimum of 3 posts in the week but there is always opportunity for more when I'm on a roll (and we all know that I can get onto a pretty big roll some times lol).

So, back to Halloween. I would love to hear about all your costumes. My family's costumes all turned out wonderfully. On Friday my Husband and I went out to a ballroom dance thingy at a friend's studio, which was a costume party. I finished out Mary Poppins and Burt in the white outfits. Now we ended up not putting the lace overlay and sleeves on the upper body but that was okay.

 I think it turned out okay and the dress was definitely fun to twirl in.

For actual Halloween the kids got dressed up and me and my husband wore minor stuff to go trick or treating with them while my mother came over to hand out candy.
My oldest created her own Monster High girl (I sewed the dress and adjusted the hat to match) and my youngest was a Puppy (all sewn by me). I'm so happy with how they both turned out. The funniest thing was when they got home, took off the costumes yet still had the makeup on. We totally found my youngest looked like a zombie or something.

So it was a roaring success. I hope you all had a wonderful success as well.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.