Friday, November 20, 2015

Funko Friday!

I couldn't resist doing Funko Friday this week, there was just too many cool things to pass up that have come out over the past little bit! I always love new Funko scheduled releases and I am totally that geek that waits to see what they schedule so I can drool over all of them. Oh to have a house big enough for all my imaginary collections. (image: Funko)

So let's start. If you didn't guess from above they are coming out with some awesome Daredevil figures. Now I know everyone's excited for the Black Masked Daredevil but seriously I love the Matt Murdock in plain clothes so much better! He's just adorable and seems so unassuming. You would never guess that he's a masked vigilante by night. In this series, slated to be released in February, you can also get an adorable Wilson Fisk (I'm sure he wouldn't like me calling him adorable).
Source: Funko
Not only are we getting kick but Daredevil Funko's we are also getting some adorably tough Kung Fu Panda Funko's. This collection includes Po (in 2 different poses) and Tigress. I can't help but go AHHHHHHHH to the little tough baby Po (I did tell you I treat all Funko's as if they are the baby to the real version lol). I so want to go... "who's the little tough guy!", but I'm sure I'd get a few weird looks doing that in the middle of the store, talking to the toys.

Source: Funko
Announced at the same time at the Kung Fu Panda Pop! are the adorable Shrek Pop! All the above are releasing in February but they should totally be on my shelves NOW!

Source: Funko
With the Shrek Pop! you can get Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots.... I love Puss in Boots. He's swave, he's debonaire, he's absolutely adorable and knows how to use it to get what he wants.... and he needs to be added into my collection. I honestly don't know where I would put him but even if I need to clear off a shelf just for him and his little hat and shinny boots, I will!

So, which of these is calling it's name to be added to your self?? Or is there another in those series that you just need!

Until next time.
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