Friday, November 6, 2015

A bit of Awesome Friday

It's Friday... already! Yup instead of going weeee I actually feel a little taken by surprise. This whole week has flown by so fast that I barely felt like I had a breath the whole time. So today I thought we should look at some fun and cool stuff, some that I totally want to waste my money on! (Image: Voyage of the meemee)

Source: NerdApproved
A very cool product found by on the NerdApproved site, theses figures (set to be released by Bandai) feature 30 points (they say natural poses only) of articulation that would allow for a much more realistic and usable body form for most art endeavors. I think these are amazing, there is so often I have a vision of a movement or body shape in my head but the translation to paper required me trying to contort my own hands and feet into those poses to see how they would look (or getting someone else to for me, which can be quite hilarious). Instead I could have a desk sized male and female form (called Body-chan and Body-kun respectively) to move into realistic poses (like them flying through space with weapons firing because you know we all do that) in order to draw them.

Talking about impossible to possible for body forms. If you haven't seen it yet Tom Holland (our newest Spidey) has been taunting people with his abilities in the Gym (and I don't mean pumping iron).

If you haven't had a chance totally watch the Instagram video above (please let me know if the link doesn't work... it does happen from time to time). I will be honest, I wasn't too sure about their choice of Spidey... but maybe Marvel has made yet another smart choice in casting. Here's hoping he can banter with the best of them!

Now on a totally unrelated note I found an awesome pair of boots that I so want to get... they would look awesome with some sort of armoured Cosplay (or just in daily wear).

Source: Sinister Soles

I recently ran across a site called Sinister Soles hehehe... you have to love their name. Not only are this boots grey! Which I totally love! They actually have steel toes in them. Means they might be a little heavy depending on the make but they are totally awesome!

So Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.