Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday Addams: the Costume

We all know and love little Miss Addams. We also love her costume of the Homicidal Maniac. The thing is most kids would love to be Miss Addams for Halloween. So let's look at her costume.

There are a ton of versions of Wednesday Addams out there. Usually pale faced, black dress and braids are all you need. But I don't see why we couldn't look at her costume a little closer and see what you could do to make it suitable for any age.

Wednesday had the Iconic Black dress with a White collar. Most of the time you can find a dress but the collar you would have to create. But I think, if you are truely being Wednesday, you can adjust the cut and style to suite your needs. Any black dress will do. If you are going to fancy party use a black dress and white choker.

Source: Ali Express

If you don't like that look you can modernize the dress with a white collar and cuffs. I really liked this version. It's cute and keeps to the same style but adds a flare of femininity and modernism to the look. Who says Wednesday can't be a woman of her time. Black and white are always in style. At least my wardrobe says so.

Source: pix-hd
 Which ever way you do you don't need a lot.

For the hair it's pretty straight forward... Black! Braids, no Braids, it's up to you. Do you think we all keep the same hair styles forever? I sure as hell don't. So why should Wednesday. You want it black... Straight to some extent. But Bangs, no bangs, parted to braided. You will get the idea across if you keep to the colour theme.
Source: Latest hairstyles
If you don't have black hair you can always dye it, spray it with temporary or get a wig. Any option will do. Heck, if your hair is short and black then leave it. There's nothing wrong with updating a look. It's a feel that you are looking for, and you should have fun with it.

The makeup is another thing. You don't have to pale yourself out. Wednesday was paler because the character lived in the dark. But whiting your face out can look awkward if you have tan or darker complexions. Choose an option. Go full on Goth face: Black eyeliner and lips, or Neutral.
Source: Sodahead

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Either is acceptable and easy enough to create. Heck, if you think a more Adult Wednesday will go a different way, then do it. It's Halloween! This is for fun, nothing is set in stone. Remember, you don't ever need to do anything EXACT. Heck Wednesday was barely a teenage in most of the series so why would you think she'd stay looking like that.

Have fun with it! I'd love to see or hear any other suggestions to make an awesome Wednesday Addams Costume.

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