Thursday, October 22, 2015

Costume Crazy: Halloween Update

So I'm in full costume swing for Halloween. I thought I'd share some pics with you being I'm a little swamped with sewing that I didn't have much time for today's post.

My daughter is being a Monster High Girl. It is loosely based off of a character but completely different (because that's how we roll). So we have a dress that's pink sparkly with black kitties all over it, it was also have a Spiderweb mesh overlay in places.

My youngest is going to be a puppy. I found a really easy butterwick pattern and some adorably soft fuzzy material. I may have to go back and get more of the fuzzy material to make myself a throw blanket.

For my Costume my mother is helping me sew it (being I'm running out of time) but I'll be sewing my husband's jacket. The material is adorable and I'm not that into yellow or peach.

I had a blast going shopping for all the material and all the patterns at Fabricland in Stratford. I'll keep you posted on my progress and the final Halloween extravaganza.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.