Friday, October 9, 2015

Keeping up with Fandom (Repost)

We’ve all been there. There are a ton of amazing shows and movies and books coming out but our actual time is limited. Not only are we trying to juggle all this media that really excites us and wants us to watch it, we are also trying to juggle this thing called real life. Suppers and work, School and sports. Our lives are filled with things that we have to do and things that we want to do, that we are bound to fall behind on something pretty quickly.
Well, with the modern age of Netflix, PVR and Internet, media sources have been trying desperately to keep up with our busy lives and insert them into the quiet spots where they can. This can be great but if you are anything like me sometimes a little downtime from everything is needed. We all need a chance to meditate and collect ourselves without the onslaught of social media, and digital aged technology.

Take the down time. I know I know, I’m the movie, tv, book lady on this site… but I say take it!

There is nothing… no fandom, no movies, no tv shows, that you can’t watch, see or read later. Put away the cell phone and the internet. Turn off the tablet and the iPod. Enjoy your time outside! Talk to the people in front of you (I know, this is a foreign concept to some). Learn how to interact in real life and live the moments instead of seeing them through a screen.

After you’ve taken the time you will grow to appreciate your fandom more. You will know which shows you actually miss, what you really want to watch, read, and do, more than just accepting that media tells you this is something good. The problem with media and social media is that sometimes you are inundated with EVERYONE ELSE'S opinion. There is very little room for you to decide what you really like when there are so many voices shouting or whispering their opinion of absolutely everything.

I have a fairly selective fandom. I love certain shows, movies and industries. I follow others haphazardly. I am very grateful for Netflix, Shomi and other streaming programs. My problem? I choose not to prioritize my TV over my life. If I didn’t have a PVR I wouldn’t watch most of the programs I do on Cable, it would be limited to only children’s programming. I tend to binge watch shows on Netflix and if they don’t draw me in I don’t usually get past two episodes. The shows I do watch I will watch regularly, until I don’t. Then I take a bit of time off and catch up when I am in the mood for the show again.

So what I’m saying is don’t worry about keeping up. Don’t stress that someone may have watched the newest episode when you are a season behind. Heck I’m 3 or 4 seasons behind on Doctor Who and I still consider myself a fan. I’m a huge fan of Once Upon a Time but I haven’t finished watching last season yet. I am also a giant marvel fan but haven’t been in the mood for the darkness of Daredevil so I’m only halfway through. Being a fan doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold to keep up to the current releases. Being a fan just means that you enjoy wholeheartedly a series, movie or genre and that you are willing to shout out your love for such things from the rafters.

Don’t worry, everyone falls behind in their loves and fandoms. You need to make sure that your fandom doesn’t take over your life. Instead, keep up with your fandom the best way that suites you and your lifestyle. Something you enjoy should never cause you stress or cause issues in your home life. Have fun with it because really, that’s what it’s there for. For your enjoyment and nothing else.

Until Later, Angie

(this has been reblogged from a post I did for Awesomeness of Everything on Sept 21st)