Thursday, October 8, 2015

Halloween Costume Ideas: A Couple's Costume

So my husband and I are going to a ballroom dance (aren't we all shmancy) and dinner for Halloween with some friends. This is partially because it's our 5th year anniversary (yup we got married on Halloween) and because our friend is performing at the dance. So now I'm on a hunt for the perfect couples Halloween costume. (image: from my own wedding photos lol)
We've done a few Halloween costumes as a couple before but usually his costume is pretty simple. (Mainly because he grudgingly agrees to get dressed) This year, however, is a different story. He's actually willing to get costumed up for me so we can go out and be all fancy like.

A few years ago we went out as a newspaper and reporter. Of course we didn't win anything (because that never happens) but we did manage to get a few "That's Awesome" comments and quite a few people asking how I made the skirt. The skirt is still hanging on my wall as decoration (it's gone yellow though, as newspaper tends to do).

This year I actually have a few weeks to make the costume and am trying desperately to decide what to go as. So far I have 2 runner ups...

Source: Deviant Art (steeringfornorth)

The first one is an Alternate Version of Red Riding Hood where my husband will go as a male version of Red and I'll be the Wolf. My husband (as you can see above) kind of looks like the hunter so I'm trying to figure out how I'd make him a cool Red. I think I need to go slightly Assassin Creed like in the hood. For the wolf, I have a few ideas that could be a lot of fun, it just depends on time and money.
Source: blastr
The other is Mary Poppins and the Chimney Sweep. With this we would go with the version of Mary when she's in the painting. My husband just needs me to make the jacket, the rest we should be able to find. Mary's dress wouldn't be too hard to make and honestly it would be fun to go all fancy like as well.

Source: tumblr
So I'm torn, do I go pretty and fancy for the ball (lol) or do I go fun and alternative?? Either way I have to decide by Friday (damn that's tomorrow) because I'm going fabric shopping in Stratford all day.

What do you think? Fancy or Funky??

Until next time.
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