Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hot Topic: Nightmare Before Christmas

I love Hot Topic. There are few clothing companies that I would buy almost everything they have because I think they are awesome and Hot Topic is one of them. Just to solidify my love of all their stuff now they are making a Nightmare Before Christmas Fashion collection. (Image: HD Wallpaper  & Hot Topic Logo)

This collection has a lot to be desired, and on top of that all items go right up to size 30 so anyone who loves them can wear them. I personally like the variety of items available. From Jackets and hoodies, sweaters and dresses, and even some killer pants. You can't say you don't love most of these, so here's a collection of some of my favourite items.

Source: Fashionably Geek
I love these pants. I have never been a lover of the skinny jeans, mainly I love a wide straight legged pant most of the time, but there's something awesome about a pair of pants that are half pin stripped. My facination with everything black and white is totally taking over and I may just have to pull out the piggy bank and count my coins.

Source: Fashionably Geek
What better to go with a pair of skinny jeans than an awesome Jack knit sweater. This is adorable and I would probably live in it every day. I love a loose comfy sweater in the fall or winter. The stripping on the sleaves makes this just amazing! If you don't have a pair of skinny jeans the next best thing with this sweater would be either a pair of jeans or a cute skirt.

Source: Fashionably Geek
To top off all these amazing pieces I absolutely adore this lovely Jack Skellington dress. If you can't tell in the image I would totally recommend zooming in on the site because this isn't your typical flocked dress pattern with floral print. No you can see that there are little Jack faces all over the dress. It's just SO adorable.

There are of course more awesome stuff within this collection but these are probably my top 3 pieces that I hope to buy when I have money to spend on fun clothes again. You should totally check out the rest at Hot Topic and let me know which you love.

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