Monday, October 26, 2015

Hallo-week! Monday Mayham (A Game)

It's here it's here. This is the final week for all the prep and creations for Halloween to be finalized and if you are anything like me you are totally panicking because you feel like you need at least 2 more weeks to get all the stuff done. Well, to take your mind off of all that lets do something fun! (gif: Pandawhale.Com)

Today I'm trying my first Comment game.

I've seen others do this but I'm not huge on them. Mostly I'm usually pretty unsure whether or not anyone will comment. So here's how it works!

I will post 5 questions, with my answers to the questions. They are all Halloween related, and I would love to here your answers to the questions in the response. Now to make it more fun after you comment with your answers you can ask a question of your own. Feel free to link others in the Comments to keep it going.

Let's see how this works, can't hurt to try.

1) Favourite Halloween Movie.

I think my top favourite is Hocus Pocus. I just love Bette Middler and her witch pose. I watch this movie yearly and will continue to have it at the top of my Halloween watch list.

2) Favourite Costume you ever wore.

I have done some fun Halloween costumes. From Scarlet Witch as a kid ( I think I was 12 or so) to a fallen Angel where I actually caust my Angle costume on fire to create the look. (This is a longer story and is totally worth telling sometime). But the one I loved doing the most I think was Cyber Six (this was from 2006 ... oh so long ago lol). I was able to adjust some already found costume pieces to create the outfit. She is totally a character I'd do again.

3) The Best Halloween Candy.

I love Rockets. My teeth don't love me for it so I have to limit the amount I eat, but for a Candy that you usually only get at Halloween they are awesome.

4) The Dream Costume

We all have the costume that we wish we could do. Mine would probably be something with wings that actually can collapse and expand out. This is something I've been trying to figure out how to build in time.

5) Best Thing to Do on Halloween

I know a lot of you have different things you have been doing for Halloween... from Trick or Treating with the kids to Going to a Costume Party. Recently I've enjoyed 2 things... taking my kids out (because they are hilarious) and getting ready. There's something that's a lot of fun just getting ready to go out that the going out never seems nearly as exciting. This year there are a few Halloween events but I have to say that the getting ready is still the best part.

So I hope you play along. I'd love to hear some of you answers!!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.