Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Mayham: Prep for October and Halloween

It's almost the end of September and I'm rearing up to get into Halloween Spirit (especially after a week of almost no posts and sick family at home). So today let's explore the preparations needed for October Halloween fun, because it's never too soon to shop for Halloween or make things... or just... HALLOWEEN!!! (image: rebloggy)

We all know that the main thing you need for Halloween is something fun to wear (and maybe somewhere fun to wear it). I personally start thinking of Halloween costumes MONTHS in advance for both me and my kids. This thought process often results in my mind being changed at least 2 times and plans to get the fabric bought and costume started in September. The reality is I decide sometime closer to the end of September or beginning of October then I speed through the creation like a mad man. The Costumes usually turn out fine even though I think of ALL THE THINGS I could have done differently or changed for them afterwards. As much as I'd like the Costumes to be leasurely built there is just no such thing it seems. Either your speeding through the building because the costume is elaborate and you thought you gave yourself enough time, or you are building them at the very last minute because you can't decide on what you want to wear.

Candy and Food!
Source: Martha Stewart

With Halloween comes Candy and Chips and Chocolate oh my! I always buy pre-packaged store bought stuff for the trick or treaters so there's no issues with them but for my own parties and close friends it's always fun to so something a little more exciting. There are a TON of resources out there that can help you find fun Cupcakes decorations and even full meals with Halloween themes. This are some of my favourite things to do with a group or with just the kids. The best part is the planning, creating the shopping list of all the fun things you want to make then spending a whole weekend baking! It's almost as fun as Christmas baking, heck it's more fun 'cause you can make Ghost Mashed Potatoes, and who doesn't want that?


Source: Eden Maker
Finally, the big thing that everyone needs to start thinking about early is Decorating for Halloween. If you are anything like me you have a TON of your Halloween decor as your regular house decorations. I know not everyone likes to do this but some of us do. If this is the case then that means you need to go over the top when it comes to Halloween. I will be honest I usually keep my yard decorations fairly tame and kid friendly because I don't believe in scaring the little ones trick or treating in my neighborhood. But just because you keep it family friendly doesn't mean that it can't be fun. A lot of people do the Ghost circles, which are very easy with white tarps and some poles. You can also just do little ghosts hanging from things (I hang them from my tree) with just some white plastic or sheets stuffed with batting (or other sheets) then tied with string. Either way there are a TON of really cool decorating ideas out there. Above is one of the coolest ideas I've seen in a while. You can find the How To for the Man-Eating Monster Plant on Eden Makers blog. This is still fun but not so scary that the kids won't brave it for candy.

Well, I appologize for the lack of posts last week due to sick family! But we should be back in full swing this week.

Until next time.
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