Tuesday, September 29, 2015

All the Shows!!! What do you PVR?

It's that time of year again... the binge watch of all my favourite TV shows so I'm caught up for the newest season to start! Which also means I'm PVRing all the season premiers.

If you are anything like me you may have gotten distracted around the end of the season because of this thing called sun, and spring, and summer. Well, no worries, we've official hit fall so that means we can bring out the sweaters and catch up to all our favourite fictional people.

This weeks agenda is Agent's of Shield.

I am three episodes shy of completing last season so I can watch the new one as it comes out. The big question is "will I?" and the answer is "Probably not!". When I was a kid you geared parts of your life around the television programs you watched. Every Friday night we ordered pizza and had a family TV night which usually included Nash Bridges and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I'm sure this is aging me lol). There was no such thing as PVR. If you wanted to save a show so you could watch it later then you would need a VCR that recorded your television while it played. Sometimes you even needed to make sure the TV was on or it wouldn't record. It was always a big event if you were going to go through the effort of recording shows!

Heck, I remember finding old VHS tapes that we didn't want anymore and putting a little piece of tape over one side in order for the system to allow you to tape over the data. The quality wasn't always there but it was always exciting when you managed to capture a whole movie on a single VHS tape. We had a few tapes that actually managed to hold multiple movies. Such a space saving technology LOL.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Now I PVR almost anything that I know I'd really want to watch. My current PVR schedule includes Marvel Agent's of Shield, Blindspot (because seriously the first episode was amazing), Love it or List it Vancouver (because I have a slight obsession with house shows), Masters of Flip (see previous reason), and Once Upon a Time. After I catch up with Agent's of Shield this week I will be catching up with Once Upon a Time. I am more than 3 episodes behind because I took a Once hiatus mid season. I realized last season that I actually prefer binge watching certain TV series.

The series Scorpion is one that I PVR regularly but it's just a fun series. There is nothing too heavy or serious involved in it. It's my mystery action series when I want something light but interesting. At some point I will catch up on Daredevil and maybe even start Gotham or the Flash (we'll see). But I am really anticipating then next season of Agent Carter. I also I await the return of Elementary and the release of Super Girl. The list is probably enough to take up most evening and some afternoons, but you always know you can fit more in somewhere (like maybe Supernatural again lol).

What shows are you currently binge watching or PVRing for later? Leave a comment, I'd love to add to my list!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.