Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Top Movies to Watch when Sick at Home.

It's fall! The leaves are changing colours, the kids are back to school and everything is getting sick. Sickness has been riddling my house this week (which is why I haven't posted until now) and there has been no way for anyone to actually get anything done. So today I've decided to create my list of top movies to watch when sick. (image: Dr. Clouthier)

 Everyone loves a good movie to watch when they aren't feeling good and lazing around on their couch. There are a few series and movies that are the top of my watch list. Heck, if it wasn't for being sick and bing watching Once Upon A Time I may never have gotten into the show so fully. 

1) Hackers

There will always be something amazing about Hackers. This is one of the movies that although it makes me giggle now seeing how far we've come in computer technology, I just really enjoy it. I can watch it over and over again. Maybe it's just nastalgia that makes me love it (this was totally my highschool movie) but either way it's one of the top movies for sick days. It's just fun and easy movie, and I know I totally wanted to be one of their friends when I was in high school. 

2) the LOTR

Source: Draft House
 The Lord of the Rings (extended version) trilogy is a major staple when I'm sick. It's great when you are stuck on a couch with your tissues and feeling like crap. It's filled with excitement, a lot of running and pretty men. What else can a girl want when they are sick?? Also the sheer prettiness of the whole trilogy is worth multiple re-watches. Part of me, to be honest, could totally fast forward the Frodo moments though and just stick with everyone else in the film, but that's a personal perspective.

3) Enchanted

I love Enchanted. I will actually say there are two Disney's that are top of my list and that's Enchanted and Ella Enchanted. They are both fun, involve singing and actresses I like. They are also both empowering for young girls. Heck, they BOTH get to save the prince, what more could you want. There's nothing better when you feel like crap than a feel good kind of movie. 

4) Pirate of the Caribbean

Source: Simply Wallpaper
Okay I lied! There are more Disney products on this list. I will re-watch the WHOLE Pirate's of the Caribbean series over and over and over again. It has everything I like. A good story, action and fun characters. I love Captain Jack and the whole secondary staff is amazing. I will admit I've never been a big fan of Keira Knightly but that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of the series. 

5) The Princess Bride

Source: Tony Gentilcore
The classic story within a story, what better on a sick day than to watch a movie about another kid's sick day. This is a movie I have to admit I never watched until I was in University so it's not an original staple for me, instead it's something I've grown to love. It's filled with fun, silliness and great action moments. You totally fall in love with all the characters, from main to secondary. The banter is great and there's something endearing about Columbo reading to his grand son (I know he's not Columbo in the movie but that's all I can ever think of lol). 

Now I know there are a ton of other movies that should be added to this list, but I thought I'd limit myself to 5. I would love to hear in the comments what's your favourite movie(s) to watch when you are at home sick.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.