Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Last day to a new life!

Today is it! I go in for my last day at my current job. If you haven't been keeping up I actually gave my notice a few weeks back and am embarking on an exciting and slightly terrifying journey of being a stay at home mom and home business owner. I say terrifying and exciting for a few reasons which I will discuss. (image: RapPad)

There's a strange stigma when it comes to being a mom. I have gone through some major ups and downs about not working a standard job. I have always felt that there was negativity about someone staying home with their kids. Almost an attitude of laziness or lack of ambition. This is something I've been SERIOUSLY toiling with for quite some time, and will probably keep revisiting over the next few years.

What I've realized is that you don't need conventional in order to be happy. You don't need the 9 to 5 corporate job where you dress in a suit and have to be on your top game each day. This is not a measurement for happiness or success. I love dressing all business-y and going into the office, but I hate that over whelming negativity and cattiness that seems to surround the corporate world. The more I work the more I realize that everyone is out to point fingers and put down each other in order to progress and succeed. The problem is, people are not happy. They hate their job or they view it with grudgingly necessity that they become negative in other areas of their lives as well. We feel like we can't leave something so "important" or state our issues with fear or reprisal.

So I have decided to embrace a new life. A life where my hobbies (which includes writing and posting fun geeky things for your) and my family become top of my priority list. Where I can explore the things I love like writing and sewing, creating and photography, without issues or fear or reprisal from a job or a boss. Where I can actually focus on these things and allow them to become something more than just a sideline hobby because I'm too tired from work and family to be able to create my best work or grow with my abilities. I am excited to be able to take the time for my family, to focus on my kids and get to know them better as individuals. To spend time with my husband instead of just passing between kids and work and sleep with barely a nod.

I am extremely excited to be able to explore this and grow with all of you. I feel like that little fish above taking the leap. Going from the crowded fish bowl of the expected world with everyone swimming in the same direction to the clear bowl where you aren't sure what will happen but you know you need to take the leap.

Thank you for listening to my little rant today (I will get back to the Geeky Tomorrow), so I leave you with the wise words of Elphaba from Wicked.
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Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on