Friday, September 11, 2015

Funko Friday: All the Wars in the Stars.

This has been an amazingly huge week for Funko. There's been quite a few new items set to be released and some pretty awesome Star Wars news as well. If you follow Funko you may know some of these items release schedules already but I just wanted to touch on the stuff I'm excited about... so mainly let's talk Funko and Star Wars. (image: Funko)

Last Friday was Force Friday and there was so much amazingly cool Star Wars stuff released that I'm sure the Star Wars collectors out there blew their minds. Not to be left out Funko/Pop released a bunch of fun and adorable Star Wars related figures. Pictured above is the adorable new droid BB-8, which we all know needs to be a staple in any household.

On top of that we have an adorable Captain Phasma commander of the First Order's legion of Troopers. I love their little helmets and his colouring. There's something absolutely awesome about the little Storm Troopers and Flame troopers. I don't know about you but the Flame Troopers seem to look like sad little robots. It totally makes me think of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (you know who I'm talking about).

You can find all these, and a whole bunch more, on the Funko Blog for the Force Friday. They have quite a huge selection of released items, and what's more cool about it all is that they are available immediately. No waiting 3 to 6 months till you can find them in stores or purchase them online. Yay!

Aside from the fun and cool collection of Star Wars Pop! figures Funko also announced a cool new collector's box. The Smuggler's Bounty!

This will be the ONLY Star Wars Subscription box in the galaxy. For the low price of $25 a month you get
Featuring 100% exclusive collectibles, apparel and accessories from the Star Wars universe, the debut box - entitled Star Wars: The Force Awakens - will ship this November.
This box will ship every other month and has a variety of rewards. You should check out all the details at the Funko Site or you can go to the 

I hope you enjoyed this Star Wars edition of Funko Friday. I don't know about you but seriously there are a ton of stuff that I TOTALLY need for my shelves.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.