Friday, August 7, 2015

Deadpool TRAILER!

Okay, I know anyone who is as excited as I am (and it's strange 'cause I've never been huge Deadpool fan) will have already scene it... but who cares! Let's here is for Deadpool Friday! (image: Funko)

Okay let's start with the trailer!

Oups, that was the Trailer's Trailer.... hehehehehe... let's try that again!

You have to Love Deadpool! I really hope that some of the other Marvel characters would make appearances (I know I know, it's Fox so I'm limited)..... I'm okay with Wolverine making an appearance! They are so fun together. I'm a little sad that Spider-man can't be in it due to the Fox vs Disney Marvel ownership of rights that hasn't come to an agreement of mutual use yet. (Sad Face... :( lol ).

What I have to say I like about the trailer is the fact that A) They actually discussed the cancer and made Ryan Reynolds "ugly" and B) He's a smart ass through the WHOLE TRAILER. There isn't a point in the trailer where he doesn't have that sense of humour. If anything it gets better and better as he goes along. Also I think it's great that they are poking fun at the failure of Fox to do Deadpool right in the first place.

Well, I hope your Friday includes some fun Comic Related geekery.
Until Monday!
Keep on, Geekin' on.