Monday, August 10, 2015

Ant-Man: Why I love Hope Van Dyne

I have been watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years wholeheartedly. Every new iteration of a favourite character that is DONE RIGHT just makes me happier and happier. I have to say, I LOVE HOPE... and here's why! (Warning: there are some minor spoilers)(image: Coming Soon)

I will not go so far as to say she's the only female character that I like but I have to admit that so far she's in my top 3 (With Sif and Agent Carter). So I thought I'd do a top 5 as to why I liked her so much.

1) She never stops pushing.

Though-out the whole movie she keeps asking to put on the Ant-Man suit and each time her father says no. I loved this. I was frustrated with her and her father's fear of letting her wear the suit. Never was the no because of her being incapable or a female, instead it was fear that she would get hurt. (Which is often how a dad reacts) But even though he kept saying no she kept asking and asking.

2) She was built like a fighter

No scrawny Pepper's here. Instead we have a girl that looks to be able to hold her own. She's powerful even without a Super Suit. Which brings me to 3..

Source: Let's Marvel
3) She can throw a punch.

Okay okay... there have been a few women in the MCU that can hold their own throwing a punch. But she just pulls it off so well. She's built like an MMA fighter, lean and strong, and the punch (and kicks) that she throws are totally believable. I have studied Tae Kwon Do for years and I really get tired of women who can't throw a punch.

4) She's not afraid to put herself out there

Not only can she throw a punch, she knows when not to hold back. She's the first to step up with a plan and never seems to be fazed about implementing it.

5) Finally: She knows her own worth.

She knows what she's worth. She's confident, strong, straight forward and a little prideful. I know a lot of my love of her character has to do with the fact that I TOTALLY see myself within the character, and that alone shows me how awesome she is.

On a side note, I'm now thinking of adding Hope to my Cosplay list. Funny thing is I got my hair cut a few weeks back and dyed back to black and it's perfect for Hope. (when I can manage to take a picture of my hair when I'm not in my office I'll post it for you!). I may do her in a suit (and see if anyone guesses who I am) this year, then try to make the costume (wings and all... it'll be a project) next year. Squee so much fun!

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