Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Camping like Wednesday Addams: Going to the Beach

I have to admit first off, I have a slight obsession with everything dark and gothy. There’s something fun and creepy all at the same time when dealing with the odd.  So recently I watched Addams Family Values. What better show is there to watch in the middle of the summer when summer camps are in full swing. Well it got me thinking. How would Wednesday Addams do Camping if she did it her way and was not forced into Camp Chippewa. (image: kidzworld)
 Today we start with going to the beach (there was too much for me to put the whole amount of camping in one post... so if you like this I may have to do another). 

We all know the need for skin protection but when you are a little gothy and want to keep your girly pale complexion, sometimes you need to be a little more creative. Useing an SPF as high as you can possibly find is a standard base. There are other ways to keep the sun off your skin but sometimes you have absolutely no choice when camping, so high Sunblock is necessary.

Another option is always a fun Sun Umbrella (Preferably Black!).

Source: bellaumbrella
I would think Wednesday’s preferences would be the ones that are fun and lacy. What better way to keep your pale complexion looking that way than a fun Parasol or Umbrella. If you aren’t into the Lace you can always try some of the fun Striped ones. They totally remind me of a circus Tent. I’ve included a coloured one but I totally would go for the Black and White stripes. 
Source: Bellaumbrella
If you are actually planning on going swimming, and I believe Wednesday would prefer to swim in the dark, you will still need a fun swimsuit. I would assume she would find something striped or black of course.

Source: Style Caster
With the suit we can always go current (as pictured above) but I would love to see her more in a covered suit (similar to the movie). As she gets older there is no reason for her to dress less modest.
Source: Fashion Historia
Here is a great modern version of the one above.
Source: ModLi

I'm honestly not too sure about the nautical symbol but I think this is a neat idea. On a side note you should totally check out the ModLi site. There are quite a few more modest styles and even for my friends who were head covers they have versions with full swimable headcovers.

Some of the above products can be a little pricey but a with a budget like Wednesday’s I’m sure it wouldn’t matter. Mainly because she’d make the product last the next 50 years. None of the above really go out of style or are necessarily meant for a younger owner.
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