Monday, August 3, 2015

A Frozen Harley

So I found something rather awesome on the Interverse today. I know how much of you love Harley Quinn... well here's a little song (after the break) for you! (image: Wall321)

Harley Quinn: Do you want to kill a Batman?

This is just amazing. OMG I totally want to see a parody of Frozen done to Batman... or even the general DC Universe. I can picture it now. Harley in the roll of Anna is perfect.

Adjust "Love is an Open Door" to be Harley and the Joker after he comes out saying that YES he does want to Kill a Batman (get it, open door). I can just see it now... Of course the whole story would be different... (unless you wanted to have Mr. Freeze as Elsa or something, I just don't see him pulling off the dress though).

Let it go should be adjusted to have Batman or even Robin singing it. I think Robin singing as a foreshadowing to him leaving as Nightwing would be pretty sweet! Maybe him telling Batman that he needs to just let the mopey attitude and grief go in order to be a more productive superhero. I understand your parents were killed Batman, but so were Robin's and a large number or superhero's parents, the difference is whether they use it and work with it, or wallow. (I'm sure someone's going to complain that I keep referring to Batman as a Mopey man... but he is the original EMO in my opinion LOL). Now don't get me wrong, sometimes Batman just rocks and I've seen a few that don't keep going on and on again about his parents and those I love. But I'm getting off topic.

The song "Reindeers are Better than People" can be redone by Ivy... Seriously can't you see it? Her with her plants, pouting that Harley is now spending more time with Mr. J instead of her. Talking to her favourite plants about how flora is better than people, how they smell better and act better and are much more poisonous.

As our Piece do Resistance the song "Fixer Upper" should be something related to Batman... seriously it would be hilarious having a bunch of the other characters trying to hook him up with someone. Maybe it would be Harley they are trying too but probably more than likely Cat Woman. I think the Cat and the Bat would be my top choices for that song.

Well, either way this would be a musical version I would watch.

If you have any opinions as to who you think should be related to the "Frozen-esque Harley Musical" you should totally post in the comments. I would love to hear your ideas. I think maybe a Fan Fic is in order!

Until next time.
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