Friday, July 31, 2015

5 Fictional Pets

We've all been there. Watching a fantasy/fiction and somebody chirps up that they want a pet... XYZ. Well here's my list of the top ones I would like! (Image: Stay at Home)

 This lists consists of creatures (and I will say that loosely even) that I would like as "pets" or at least be allowed to have them regularly in my presence.

1) A Dragon!

Source: Forexfactory
We've read them all... Dragon Riders of Pern, Eragon, you name it! There are a ton of books about the kinship of Person and their Dragon. I want a Dragon!! Please can I have a Dragon??? Please...

2) Stitch

Source: Wikia
I have recently been pulling out some of my favourite Disney movies to share with my kids and we have all agreed that we want a Stitch. Aside from the random distruction (I will need to get into Carpentry or something) he would be an awesome "pet".

3) Appa and Momo

Source: Tiviseries
One of my favourite parts of Avatar was the relation between Appa and Ang, and Appa and Momo, which is why I couldn't have one without the other. Seriously, who doesn't want a flying Bison??

4) A Doozer

Source: Wikia
Okay... I know. A Doozer is technically a "personesque" creature so I can't really have him as a pet. But they were one of my favourite parts of Fraggle Rock as a Kid and I just love them! So I want a pet Doozer!

5) A House Hippo

Source: You Tube
If you were a kid in Canada you will remember the PSA about "Not believing everything you see on TV." What most of us got from this PSA is that we want a House Hippo! I want a Mini House Giraffe too! If you haven't seen it you should watch the video:

What are your top pet lists?

Until next time.
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