Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Emma Frost Project

So I was looking through the Inter-verse (which is what I'm deciding to call the world of the internet... because it's its own universe) and found this awesome project called the Emma Frost Project. Unlike a lot of Projects I've seen related to comic characters (The Hawkeye Initiative for one) it's not directly related to the fact that women show too much skin.

I have never had a major issue with the amount of skin shown in comics, or the exaggerated posses and proportions of women because I feel that there just needs to be variety. As long as not ALL characters are the same cookie cutter then I'm pretty much good. As an artist I also know that it's harder than people think to draw new styles and often one artist will have a fairly prominent style of character, no matter who they are drawing.

Well I digress. The Emma Frost Project is about more than that. It's about the stagnation of costumes within the comic industry. Emma Frost is viewed to be a Fashion Forward powerful woman. She runs in high end circles and has even been the head mistress at the Xavier Mansion. So why is she always is the same white costume. Mind you there is no need to change the colour, I know quite a few fashion forward individuals that have a wardrobe of black, red or blue. But the styles are different depending on the situation.

Here's the original Tumbler post:

What I think everyone out there who likes fashion, to draw and research (because all three are needed but you can just send ideas from Fashion magazines too) should go to the site and add your current and modern selections for Emma Frost. There are so many discussions going on about clothing and looks in comics that I'm excited to see what comes of them. Will there be more diversity all around? More women, more shapes, more styles and more... well just MORE. I want MORE.

Until next time.
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