Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sherlock Funko

Okay, I'm going to apologize straight out that this week my posts will be kind of lax. However, that being said, I am going to try very hard get some awesome stuff posted. (image: Disney Wiki)

Summer is always hard with vacations, and camping and other fun stuff. I am actually quite happy to announce that although I won't be directly posting anything for Tuesday's and Thursdays in August myself I have a few awesome bloggers that will be posting as guest bloggers those days. 

Source: Pop Vinyls
Now for some awesome POP figures. Above is the new Sherlock Holmes line by Funko Pop!. I really love these characters. I think this version of Benedict Cumberbatch (I always have a hard time with his name... I wonder if his friends just call him Ben? He really doesn't feel like a Ben or Benny to me, but you never know lol) is a fairly accurate Pop portrayal. They even got the sweep of his hair right. There is just something awesome about having this mini Sherlock on your desk... this may be one I add to my work collection. I should put him on a shelf stating "Can't find that file? Ask Sherlock!". Do you think that would work? Maybe?

Source: Pop Vinyls
Included in the collection is a fun little John Watson, with his little blazer and jeans. He looks so serious and debonair with his looks. The lighter eyebrows makes him less harsh and more approachable than Sherlock.

You can check out the rest of the collection at Pop Vinyls! which include an Irene Adler, Jim Moriarty and Mycroft Holmes.  They are all so adorably awesome, that I think I need them all to stage my own personal Holmes Mysteries. Maybe the Mystery of the Miniature Dachshund? I'm sure I could come up with something fun.

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