Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada to all my fellow Canadians! Let's celebrate Canadian Geekery!

For Canada I thought I would do some of the coolest (at least Geeky wise) Canadians I can think of. The top of my list is Nathan Fillion.
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Seriously, between Castle, and Captain Tight Pants there's something swave but goofy about Nathan Fillion. I seriously love him. I have seen him at Ottawa Comicon and I have to say that he does have some of the best pannels. He's personable and easy going. Just as you would expect.

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Another Canadian who also got his break in Vancouver, Ryan Reynolds is one of my favourite actors, especially on Twitter. The funniest thing about my first two canadians are that they BOTH started on Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place. I remember that show and it's really awesome to see where they have both ended up. I thoroughly enjoyed Ryan's Twitter posts for DeadPool, and will be even more excited to see the finished product.

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Ellen Page has to be one of my favourite female actors. I loved her in Juno and have since found little fault in most of her work. She's just a fun and spunky actor who happens to also be one of the best cast characters in the X-men series. As quite a few of you know I have issues with some of the casting but don't mind the overall product (even though I'm a huge X-men fan and there are some major issues). For me a saving grace in a lot of the series are the few actors and actresses that do it right! That have been cast perfectly and who actually seemed to do their homework in the character development. Ellen Page is one of the few that I love love love. Kitty Pride is prefect for her, I just wished they did Nightcrawler better and more aged closely (as they should be).

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To round out my cool canadians I thought Cobie Smulders would be a great addition. I have to say I loved her in most of How I Met Your Mother. She gave public culture a different view of Canadians. Although I didn't actually like all the Canadian jokes (and the Aboot thing gets old) I thought it was funny that she was more gun loving than the americans. Not only that but the token Canadian was played by a Canadian. Now that she is on Avengers I love her even more. What's better than a bad ass female?? Nothing.

Well, I know the list of awesome canadians for geek culture could go on and on. I'm missing the Ashmore twins and of course William Shatner, but this list could go on for days so two women and two men (who would all be fun to hang out with) seemed like a good place to stop.


Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.