Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's a Jurassic World

So I finally did it! I went and saw Jurassic World and it was AWESOME. So I thought I'd do a quick review. 

I am planning on doing a bigger review on another site I write for: Awesomeness of Everything. So look for it next Monday! For now here's my little review! *Warning!! There will be SPOILERS so you have been warned!*

Here are my top 5 things I loved about Jurassic World

1) Kids are riding dinos!

I always wanted someone to ride a Dinosaur in a Jurassic Series. Mind you I wanted a true Dino Rider (as in an adult on a triceratops). What I got was a mini dino petting zoo where kids were riding little tiny dino's with their parents. So... a little disappointing for my Dino Riding dreams but still pretty cool.

2) Camo Dino

The new genetically created dinosaur was very cool and vicious. He had Camouflage and body temperature modifications and was crazy smart. A dino's worst fear.

3) Owen was so Bad Ass

I love Chris Pratt. He's like a modern day Hans Solo. Heck! He rides a motorbike with freaking raptors. Best line in the whole movie? "Raptors have a new alpha!"

4) People panic weird

You have a park full or people that see a dino coming to eat them?? What do they do? They run through the park, out in the open. Do they think to get low and away from the flying dino's so they don't pick them up? Nope. Do they think to GO INSIDE? Nope... we'll just run around like a bunch of idiots and get eaten. Sigh. What this resulted in?? A few funny moments of bad assery from Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard... and the death of the idiot assistant! So Yay!


Who new that a T-Rex and a Raptor would team up to kill a crazy violent hybrid/genetic Dino! The battle was epic. Then the dino's became friends and went their separate ways. The last raptor standing had an understanding with Owen and went along is happy Raptor path. A little cheesy but still totally awesome.

So over all! Go see it. Be prepared for jumping and lots of death (at least in the beginning), but why wouldn't you expect that from a Jurassic movie.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.