Monday, July 20, 2015

Geekin out in a non Geek office

We've all been there. The one person in an office full of people (or in my case of 8) who is geeky/nerdy and has totally embraced it. The problem isn't always self acceptance, it's the more general acceptance within the office environment. (image: Pinterest)

We all have to acknowledge that sometime we just can't have everything we want. We can't have our At-At and Ride it too. We have to allow for some professionalism within our space depending on the type of industry we are in. Some industries, we woefully admit that there is only minimal room to allow our full geekiness to shine. In these situations we need to express our geekiness in a quieter way. A way that is less noticeable by the Mundanes and Muggles. 

1) Geeky Jewelry

As much as I would love to say that any jewelry is appropriate. In a highfalutin office environment there are just some things you can't wear.  

Source: Pop Sugar
I find though, with the right outfit and a small amount of subterfuge you can get away with display in you geekness in a more subtle way. There is not nothing wrong with a necklace or earring that have hints back to your favourite fandoms. This allows you to display your geekiness as kind of a beacon to other people with similar interests within your office.

2) Everyday Cosplay

I love the idea of everyday Cosplay. There is something rather interesting and ninja like about wearing outfits that reflect your favourite fandom or characters.
Source: Polyvore
Like the above Captain Hook outfit. There are ways you could take your every day clothing that would be work appropriate and spin it into a cosplay outfit. This allows you to be expressing yourself with minimal reaction from the "Norms" around you that may never realize what you are doing.

3) Minor Office Additions.

There is no reason you can't express yourself in your own office to some extent. I'm not saying that you should totally transform your space into a replica of the main deck on the Star Ship Enterprise. No, you can be subtle but fun.

Source: Think Geek
From alternate (and awesome) paperclips to screen sitters. A little reminder of your personal loves is never a bad thing. There are ways, with mouse pads to even the screen saver on your computer, that you can express yourself without anyone either knowing or having an issue with inappropriateness.

As anything this whole geeky subterfuge within the corporate office environment takes a little tact, and a certain amount of patience. I have found that every office I have worked at has allowed me to slowly bring more and more items into my work environment. I usually have a desk sitter and at least one printed picture of something I find funny on my own bulletin board. There's nothing wrong with being yourself, it's about ensure that you are adding things that matter to you but still fall within the real of appropriateness for the Norms and Muggles around you.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.