Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cosplay Prep: A Sock Obsession

So I have been searching online lately for fun socks to go with some of my cosplay. I love the look of knee high or thigh high socks with a skirt. Well, in my search I found some places I thought everyone should know of. (Image: Deviant Art

So my hunt started with the need of Knee High or Thigh Blue and White stripped sock. This is to use with my Captain America roller derby cosplay that I have mentioned before. 

I started where I usually start: Good Goth. 

I love Good Goth, they are an awesome site that has a large variety of Gothy related stuff. I have purchased boots from them in the past and will probably purchase more in the future. They are reliable and faster than I expected with shipping to Canada. 
Source: Good Goth
Now the closest I found was Blue and Black striped. They are awfully cute but they weren't quite what I was looking for. If I was going more Lolita or something then they would be perfect. 

The next site I found that had cute socks was Happy Socks. 

Source: Happy Socks
I thought these were very cute. If they were longer they would have been perfect for my Cap Cosplay. Where else do you get to see blue, white and red socks. I love that they are cuffed in the red. Happy Socks was a site that was fairly easy to navigate as long as you don't mind the odd pop up trying to get you to sign up to their newsletter. 

Finally I found an amazing site called Sock Dreams. On this site there are A TON of different styles of socks from variety to colour to shape. I love that some are droopy topped and others are almost nylons. 

Source: Sock Dreams
I finally found these! Aren't they cute? And they should totally work with my Captain America Cosplay. 

The thing is I found way too many socks on Sock Dreams and may have to get a couple of pairs for various things. The ones that I found that have me torn on my original vision of Cap' is these: 

Source: Sock Dreams
I'm torn. Even though these weren't in my original vision I think they may just be awesome enough that I need to get them. So I will purchase the two versions and see which looks best with the final costume. What do you think?? If you know of any other awesome sock/stocking place let me know.

Until next time, 
Keep on, geekin' on.