Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Five: Favourite Alien!

I have to say I have been actually enjoying doing the Friday Five's lately. I never used to like doing them (and I don't do them every week) but the past few have been really fun. (image: io9)

This week's top 5 is related to ALIENS! (and no the Simpson's Aliens are in the 5... definitely top 10 though)

Now who doesn't like our local ET? I think everyone gets a kick out of the Aliens and their portrayals in movies lately... so here we go.

1 & 2) Loki and Thor

Source: A Daily Dose

OMG, I love Loki. There's something about him that's scary and fun and exciting all at the same time. He gives me that foreboding feeling of something horrible but hard to resist. Something awesome and child like all at the same time. And Thor! Well, there's a reason I call him hotty Mc Hotterson LOL. Anyway these are two of my top Aliens. They don't look like Aliens necessarily but you have to be an alien to be able to get away with some of those costumes.

3) Predator

Source: Comic Vine
Predator has always been my top favourite Bad Ass alien. I have often cheered for the Predator over the human's in the film. I know that's not how you are supposed to go into the movie, but come on! They are a highly trained battle society. What would be epic is a Predator film based on the Predator home world. Enough with these battle senario's I want to see how they live and train!

4) Groot

Source: Grist
You can't have a list of favourite aliens without Groot. He is just SO cool! I AM GROOT!

5) Tribbles

Source: Elite Dangerous
Well, upon discussion with my mom (yes I talk to my mom about my blogs) we both agree that Tribbles have to be included in any list of Aliens... because they totally rock. I remember watching the show as a kid with my dad and laughed at the little puff balls falling on the cast. How did they ever keep a straight face.

Runners Up

There were so many I wanted to include I thought I should have a list of runners up.

Leeloo from fifth Element. Because I wanted to be her when I was in highschool!
Source: Sky Candy
Venom Symbiote! I love Venom so much more than Spider man. There's something about the Chaotic Neutral Character. He's out for himself... so he'll help good or bad if it fancies him.
Source: iPad Wallpapers

Well, I probably could continue on for days (Worf, Chewbacca, Silver Surfer.... Gah, Too many!) so I will stop there. If you can think of other's let me know, it would be interesting to compile a list of Aliens in Pop culture!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.