Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Emma goes Dark (Once Upon a Time)

I don't know about you but I'm pretty excited to see what announcements will be coming out of SDCC this week. Well, there has been a early announcement on TV-insider about the future of our beloved Once Upon A Time.(image: playbuzz)

If you are anything like me and are a little behind in the current series (I know, life happens) then you'll maybe not want to read on. This may give you just enough spoilers about the current season to be annoying. If you are also like me and don't really care because you will be watching it one way or another and tend to hear spoilers about everything before you get a chance to see it. Then disregard this warning.

Here's the new announcement, in movie poster format:

Source: TV Insider
So it's confirmed... Ms. Swan has gone Dark. At the end of season 4 Emma takes in the dark powers from Rumple and becomes the new Darkone. The question is "will she be able to resist?" and my prediction is a big fat NO! Through season 3 and 4 (heck she's dating HOOK) Emma has hints of not being nearly as light as they think she is. I know there's a darker past (from the little of season 4 I watched) in Snow and Charming's, but I think Emma could have gone dark a lot soon.

Hell, when I first started watching the show I always wondered why she didn't relate more to Regina. She had a lot closer past with her than with the Snows. Her and Regina both had a jaded youth filled with rejection, hurt, loneliness and betrayal. Yes they made it all lovely and had her integrate pretty well, but I'm always surprised that she doesn't have a harder time with all the loss around her. So maybe this is the time for her to let loose and deal (or not deal, we'll see) with all that built up resentment.

From what I understand from the TV Insider's article they are stating that Merlin is the only one that may be able to help remove the evil spirits from Emma. What this means is a good chance at visiting Camelot, with Merlin and Arthur and Lancelot. That is also very exciting. Lancelot has already appeared in some of the Once Upon a Time episodes so it'll be nice to see him in his more familiar lands, and to see how they portray the epic love triangle between Lancelot, Arthur and Guinevere.

So, are you worried or excited about this? I'm more excited about this than the Frozen season...

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