Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A geeky diamond on your finger!

So I saw the most wonderful rings on Fashionably Geek yesterday and thought we should have a post of amazingly geeky rings.

Why rings? Well, I used to wear a lot of jewelry... as in necklaces, hair things, bracelets and rings... but over the years I just can't handle all that weight on my wrists and such. So instead I stick with a few select rings. Right now I have 2 very simple rings I wear (one on each hand) but I've been looking at all the pretty things. Being my kids are getting bigger and I'm back at office work it means jewelry is acceptable, and geeky jewelry is a great way to revel in my geekdom while not being overly unprofessional.

So here's some fun rings for you (and places to get them).

Disney Diamonds. As mentioned above from Fashionably Geeky, K. Uno's is doing a fun line of Disney jewelry. They are beautiful and exactly what I would expect from a Disney diamond collection. I am particularly in love with the Rapunzel braid (I would even wear it, even though I don't wear gold). Just a warning, the K'uno site is NOT in English so it may be a little difficult to maneuver. They do ship overseas but make sure you check the conversion rates.

Source: Fashionably Geek

As usual the next best place to find some fun geeky rings was Etsy. I love Etsy but try desperately to avoid it? If I get onto Etsy my whole day is shot. I just sit here going through all the fun stuff, trying to convince myself that there is a good reason for me to purchase such and such. Oh the hours I've wasted on Etsy drooling at the products.

Source: Fine Geek Jewelry
This ring was found on the Etsy Site: Fine Geek Jewelry. They have quite a collection of beautifully geeky rings, that keep a sort of elegance about them. Other than the Sailor Moon themed ring pictured above they have ones related to Pokemon, Mario Bros., and Batman too.

Finally my last Drool Worthy location for amazing geeky rings is Custom Made! OMG they do the most beautiful wedding/anniversary/engagement bands. They make me want to buy them all for the hell of it. Why not!

Source: Custom Made
 Above is the R2d2 His and Hers bands... this is for all you Star Wars lovers out there. These are just astonishingly well made. I'm always so impressed with the craftmanship when it comes to products like this.

Source: Custom Made
I have to include the awesomeness of the Stargate Ring. Seriously! A Stargate! On your Finger! So much awesome. I love the batman rings, Dr. Who rings and other geeky selections... so many to want. I need more money and more fingers.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.