Thursday, July 9, 2015

DC Super Hero Girls

It's finally here and I am very excited. Last April DC Unveiled a new line of Superhero Girls aimed at girls 6 to 12. Well the website is finally live. (Source: The Mary Sue)

This line is something totally worth talking about. A group of Superhero girls who have a diverse background from race, to family life. These are some of the most popular female characters within the DC Universe. This site and product line will focus on the girls while they traverse the difficult landscape of highschool.

I know what you are saying... another highschool hero show, seriously. All I can say is if you are aiming to a kids level then that makes the most sense. Show the girls (and boys) out there that they can be superheroes even if they aren't adults yet. Show them how to be strong willed, powerful, independent women and men. Teach them that it's more than who you are dating and what you are wearing that matters.

As their site says: Want to become a Super Hero? Then head to Super Hero High! We know that life as a teenager can get awkward (especially when you have super powers), but you’re about to learn how to channel YOUR powers and put them to use!

I know I have high hopes, but this has so much potential.

Source: DC Super Hero Girls

So go check out the site: DC Super Hero Girls. There's not much on it yet but I have to say I do love the Batgirl costume so far. It is totally Cosplay Worthy.

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