Monday, June 1, 2015

Some Monday Cool (and an Announcement!)

Some days there are just some awesome and amazing things that happen... and so I thought we'd have Chris Pratt give them all a thumbs up! (image: Huff Post)

Source: The Mary Sue
To start off I'll say I have never been the biggest Black Widow fan but my 4 year old daughter loves her greatly, and I feel that, for someone with such a big role in the MCU, she's be under utilized and represented. That being said the announcement at NYCC about a YA novel/series about Black Widow called Black Widow: Forever Red, is pretty darn awesome. I will probably have to pick it up just to see where is goes within the Universe and because I love strong female character books. You should too!

Deadpool has wrapped up and Ryan Reynolds left us all a message:

You just have to love Ryan Reynolds and his commitment to the Deadpool Character! Very very cool!

On a completely unrelated note, I've got my netflix up and working again and have finally started to check out a few shows. As expected Daredevil is good, but dark and dreary. I love dark and dreary and am very interested in how this is still tied to the universe, I especially like the fact that there is still some shots of humour added in to break the pain and sorrow within the show.

Source: Chud

My surprise watch... the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Recommended to me by some friends on Twitter I think I am now obsessed. I may need to go buy myself a yellow cardigan and do a cosplay of her at some point. I think this show is amazing and hilarious!  Once I get a few episodes in I will hopefully do a full review on here.

Now for the Announcement! I am writing for another blog. You will be able to find my posts every Monday on Movies, TV, and Literature at a new Group Blog called the Awesomeness of Everything. You can check out my first post HERE, but I really hope you stick around for the other authors too. Each day is a different themed post so check out the first few weeks and I hope you will find some new authors you love. The posts I will be writing there will be longer and more specific so please keep following me here as well for your daily dose of Geekdom.

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