Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Saturday of Please Don'ts

Today I thought I'd share a list of things that I was like OMG are you kidding me? And not in a good way! (source image: giphy)

 To start off...

The Craft Remake!
Source: USA Weekly
OMG I know. I was a huge fan of the Craft when I was in high school. I loved all the characters and wanted SO BADLY to do magic. I just seriously don't think this needs to be re-made. I'm sure there are other witchy teen scripts and ideas they can do instead of remaking the Craft.

Idiot Reporters
Source: The Mary Sue
Okay, with the huge push for equality and representation being so visible you would think that all reporters would know better. But no! At a panel for Mad Max someone actually asked Tom Hardy if he was concerned about all the women in a "man's movie". Tom Hardy's response was EPIC. You can read more about it here on The Mary Sue. From the Update the report stated that the question came out wrong and was the opposite of his intention. So good for him, but I'm still giving him a "SERIOUSLY!".


If you haven't heard of Swatting it is prank calling the freaking SWAT team to people's houses. What a bunch of *&*$%&^*#*&^ ..... okay I've calmed. I just don't get it.

Here's a link for 20 Movies that you didn't know where getting remakes. Now you can shake your head with me and scream a big NO!!!! (Seriously, Overboard! WHYYyyyyyyy!)

I hope the rest of your weekend is great!
Until next time
Keep on, Geekin on.