Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sister Act Remake: Why??

I think this is the year of 90's remakes that don't need to be remade. The latest movie on the chopping block... Sister Act.
All I have to say is "Why?"? Why do we need to remake everything that we loved as a kid.  So far it feels like there are very few things that are sacred. We butchered the remake of Footloose. They are thinking of seriously doing a remake of the Craft (and you all know how I feel about that), there have been talks of remaking Hackers (which could have possibilities) and now they are thinking of remaking Sister Act.

Sister Act was a staple in my house. We knew all the songs and most of the dance moves. Everyone wanted to be in a choir like that. I loved singing, but most church choirs were SOOOOO boring. Sister Act made it fun again. It made singing in a choir seem less like heirarchy of favourites and more like a group that seriously loved what they are doing.

Now I know I'm being a neigh sayer and there are some positive things. The writers are a female duo - Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith and Karen McCullah - who are known for Legally Blonde and Elle Enchanted. Both movies that are on my repeat over and over again movie list. They are two of my top movies that I watch any time I'm feeling a little down.

There's an amazing female producer, Allison Shearmur, known for the Disney live version of Cinderella. I think the portrayal of her as a stronger character was very cool, so there is some hope there too.

Finally, there is no writing anywhere that states this is a full on remake. There is a chance that this will be something new or at least something more modern. So I guess I can give it a chance. But seriously do we have no original ideas left in the brains of Man??

I feel like, although I will totally give it a chance, that I am very very reluctant to support this. The original characters of Whoopi Goldberg and Kathy Najimi are what made the film. They were fun and exciting and just plain nice. I worry about remakes loosing the lightness and enjoyment of the original films. I have found quite a few remakes lost their original excitement!

So if you are a supporter, please let me know why. I know from the Mary Sue's article the main reason for excitement is the possibility of a well diverse female cast. But I believe that there are so many amazing modern writers out there (and quite a few of them women) that we could have found an original story line that supported such a cast. Heck look at Pitch Perfect. That was an amazing strong female cast with an original idea. Why can't we have more of them??

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Source: The Mary Sue